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Why you should keep indoor plants

Green, refreshing and beautiful, house plants are a good option to create a beautiful environment.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Do you want to bring in some change in your home? Green, refreshing and beautiful, house plants are a good option to create a healthy and beautiful environment.

Green plants are refreshing and soothing to the eyes and can beautify a place. And it does not take too much effort to do so as most green plants survive well indoors and are easy to tend. Transform every corner of your house into a lively green filled space.

Their natural processes keep the house cooler in warm weather and purify indoor air. There are some indoors that can remove certain percentage of benzene, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide from the air. They can absorb and release them in the form of harmless by-products. Hence, green plants help in eliminating and reducing airborne pollutants like gaseous toxins, fumes, vapours, dust and invisible particles. They may provide mild detoxification benefits too.

Many indoor plants ensure health by acting as natural humidifiers. They may ease respiratory disorders like dry coughs and colds, headaches, mood swings and certain allergies.

Bringing a few plants indoors can increase productivity by lifting up the spirits. They can increase your attention span by helping your brain to retain more and focus on the current activity.

Deck up your place with varieties of green plants and give your house a unique and fresh look. They will not only beautify the place but also bring in positive energy and happiness.