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Radhika Gupta presents her Radha at solo art exhibition

The artist will hold three more exhibitions over the coming 12 months in New York, Oslo and Bergen (Norway)

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Artist Radhika Gupta held her second solo art exhibition at the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Delhi last week. The exhibit was divided into three distinct themes: India Inspired, Abstract, and Contemporary.

Through her art, Radhika, an Oxford-educated lawyer, depicts her most intimate experiences. She draws inspiration from the works of Pichhwai and Pahari and takes us on a visually enchanting journey with extreme perspectives, full of hidden messages.

Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari, who inaugurated the exhibition, made reference in his opening address to the artist’s work: “From Radhika’s India-inspired, abstract and contemporary pieces, she defies traditional classification and bridges the gap between high and low art and caters to what appeals to all art lovers. It is no wonder her second solo exhibition has gathered such a crowd and is receiving such widespread acclaim.”

Indian born and currently residing in New York, Radhika spoke about the role of art, how she sees it as a canvas to express herself and provide a platform to raise important societal issues close to her heart. A total of 31 pieces were on display and sale proceeds are going to the War Widows of India.

“Choosing the War Widows was an obvious choice. Did you know India has the largest number of war widows in the world? My work is inspired by the spirit of female empowerment. I will be heard and I will be seen on whatever medium I decide to express myself. This exhibition allows me to help those who are oftentimes and sadly not heard and not seen. Because as Maya Angelo wrote: When you learn, teach. When you get, give”.

Also speaking on the occasion, Dr Dinesh Singh (former vice-chancellor, University of Delhi) said, “Radhika’s work is the essence of art for social change. She sees a night like tonight as less of an opportunity to sell but instead an opportunity to reach others through her art and raise important awareness issues such as the War Widows of India.”

Following this, Radhika will hold three more exhibitions over the coming 12 months in New York, Oslo and Bergen (Norway) to raise funds for the cause.