Seeing the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, various organisations are coming forward to ensure safety and well-being of the people. Everyone is doing their bit to help the community and creating awareness on various platforms. Recently, an organisation, Katha has been extending their support to those, who stand in dire need for the same. Amongst the many initiatives that fall under this overarching objective, Katha has released an e-book titled ‘The Mystery Of The Missing Soap’.

This unique e-book is an amalgamation of creativity and purpose, serving an important cause. It aims to encourage the children to understand, in their language, the essentials of hygiene and health, necessary to overcome the current challenges.

“The idea is to reach out to everyone, including children from low-income communities, and hence, anybody can read the book for free. All they need is an internet connection or a smartphone/laptop/any other device that supports an internet connection. Our objective is to protect our children from this pandemic, as much as is possible, and awareness is crucial for the same,” says Katha founder Geeta Dharmarajan.

The storyline revolves around the evil Asura, Tobakachi, who wishes to conquer India by spreading the attack of the deadly Coronavirus; the e-book serves as an exciting one-stop guide for children to know how to protect themselves from the pandemic, as it is filled with interesting facts and do’s and don’ts that children should follow.

The e-book is, currently, available in English, Hindi and Tamil. The Marathi and Assamese versions will be available in due course.