Treat menstrual pain the right way: The Patanjali solution

Discover Ayurvedic remedies endorsed by Patanjali to effectively treat menstrual pain, including ginger, fennel, ajwain, aloe vera, cinnamon, and jaggery.

Treat menstrual pain the right way: The Patanjali solution

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For many women, five to seven days a month are marked by lower abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, and cramps as part of their menstrual cycle. When asked how they manage the pain, most will mention over-the-counter medications and hot water bags. While these might provide temporary relief, did you know that Ayurveda, the ancient traditional medicinal system, offers potent herbs that can help treat menstrual pain effectively? Patanjali endorses several of these remedies, which are detailed below.


A potent Ayurvedic herb, ginger offers numerous benefits, one of the most significant being its ability to soothe menstrual cramps and pain. Ginger reduces inflammation and helps alleviate the muscular spasms of cramps. Additionally, it can reduce sensations of nausea and headaches.


Consuming soaked fennel water during your periods can help lower prostaglandin levels, providing relief from painful periods and cramps. You can also make fennel tea for the same benefits.



The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of ajwain make it a powerful Ayurvedic herb for managing menstrual cramps and pain. Ajwain is also known for relieving digestive issues and constipation; the enzymes released from chewing ajwain help reduce muscle spasms and menstrual pain.

Aloe Vera

Drinking aloe vera juice during menstruation helps reduce bloating by managing acidity and pH levels. Aloe vera also alleviates menstrual pain and eases period flow while reducing inflammation. Adding Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice with Fiber to your daily routine can offer these benefits.


Cinnamon lowers prostaglandin levels and provides relief from painful period cramps. It also reduces inflammation and eases period flow. You can add cinnamon supplements to your diet or enjoy hot, soothing cinnamon tea daily.


Often used as a substitute for refined sugar, jaggery is an excellent solution for painful periods according to Ayurveda. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve menstrual cramps. Boil carom seeds in water, add jaggery, and consume the mixture after it cools slightly to enjoy its benefits.

The pain can often disrupt your daily activities. While these Ayurvedic herbs can help alleviate menstrual pain, be sure to consult a doctor if the pain becomes unbearable.

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