Cleanliness is next to Godliness, they say. It is the key that transforms a house into a home. With some simple tips you can organise your house well and eliminate mess so you can manifest your desires. It does not matter if guests are coming to attend an event or just dropping by unannounced – the house should be impeccably clean, always!

  • Do the small things throughout the day, putting things back up when you are done with them. Cleaning up as you go takes less time overall and it’s much more manageable. Keeping to a regular cleaning schedule will keep you occupied, besides a clean home that you can enjoy always.
  • Keep less stuff in your house to keep it cleaner. More stuff means more cleaning that leads to unnecessary fuss. It does not mean that you have to live in an empty house. Check what you can live without and whether there is anything you can remove to make cleaning easier. Not only does the stuff make it hard to clean, it also burden your pocket.
  • It is difficult to deep clean everything every time. Simply know the best places to give your limited time and energy to, so the whole home looks cleaner even if you have not scrubbed every corner.
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  • Do not buy excess toys, clothes and nick-knacks for your kids. It only contributes to clutter. Set limits on stuff and encourage your kids to contribute to cleanliness. If they have limited choices, they tend to take better care of it. Provide motivation to your children, reward them for cleaning up. Make cleaning fun for them.
  • Keep your decorations to a minimum and there will be less dust.
  • First complete the smaller tasks like cleaning the counter tops, then move on to the bigger chores like cleaning windows, organising wardrobes etc.
  • Clean a little bit every day instead of spending an entire day tidying and cleaning. Clean the bulky things weekly or else the mess will be much worse.
  • Set a chore list and allocate all chores that need to be done on time among all family members. No one person in the household should bear the sole responsibility for cleaning. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep it clean. One person can dust, another can vacuum, another can tidy up, another can organise bookshelf etc. To avoid conflict, rotate the chores each week. Keep a record of it.
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Keeping a house clean is not that hard to achieve. Of course! It is a challenge, but with the team work, you can keep it clean daily knowing even it will be a mess all over again. Positive reinforcement is almost always better.

Keep everything tidy, but do not let cleanliness take over your life!