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Three easy ways to de-stress yourself everyday

Although it may sound daunting, you can get onto the mental health wagon at any point of life

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

In today’s modern world, we all lead hectic lifestyles which do not allow us to look after our health properly. It is paramount that we do not ignore what is important as in the long run, it is good health that matters the most. It is never too late to adopt a healthy lifestyle that gives you peace and de-stresses you in today’s mechanical and stressful life.

Small changes can make big differences. Always make sure to maintain a routine which includes few calming breaks that lead to a stress free life and thus overall well being.

Yoga: Yoga is a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind,  body and spiritual being. It brings a balance between all three and thus helps us to deal with daily stress and worries. To maintain positivity in our life, yoga is a must. It involves lifting your mood, increasing mindfulness and providing better self-compassion. It gives us a break from the monotonous routine and enables us to be more focused on the present moment. Yoga is a very effective stress reliever. Many studies have found that a few minutes of yoga in the morning, at night or even on a lunch break, can minimise stress and encourage relaxation. The yoga techniques which are popular to reduce stress include controlled breathing, meditation, physical movement, mental imagery and stretching. Besides reducing stress, yoga may improve many health conditions, encourage spiritual growth, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, give you a sense of well-being and energize the body.

Meditation: Meditation is an easy way to prevent and cure the negative aspects of modern life. This age old proven and well-known technique has many forms to provide you physical and mental relaxation. Through regular meditation, your mind becomes quieter and more peaceful. With quieter mind comes focus and you begin to see things in a better perspective. With clearer vision the fears, anxieties and prejudices are driven away. You live in the calmness of the present moment without worrying for future or regretting about the past. For the practice of meditation to be truly beneficial and working for you, you need to make a commitment to be regular, sincere and believer in the concept of meditation. You will have to ensure that meditation becomes a fundamental part of your daily life. You can begin with a 10 minutes routine every day and slowly take it forward to 30 minutes per sitting. Meditating twice a day can be certainly more beneficial. The benefits can be far more than the efforts put in. It helps in simplifying life, gaining a positive frame of mind, achieving better ability to focus, reducing stress levels and anxiety attacks, increasing energy levels making you more creative.

Nature walk: Go half an hour of walking into nature. Nature walk is one of the best ways to connect with yourself and nature at the same time. People who are more connected with nature are happier, feel more vital and have more meaning in their lives. Nature is a potent elixir even in small doses. Watch sunrise or sunset or listen to birds chirping while strolling in a park or garden. It helps combat stress and depression.Time spent in nature may help with your personal relationships too. Natural beauty results in more generosity and empathy.  So, instead of hitting a gym for your cardio, add a daily walk and give nature a big hug every day. You are free to choose the time of the day, duration and the place of your nature experience.

Being mindful of what we do in a day to de-stress ourselves may help towards looking after our physical, mental and spiritual health. Taking up yoga, meditation and nature walk will keep us motivated to let go off stress in an easy, effective way and kick-start our happy-healthy regimen. With a more settled and unchained mind, the efficiency to do work improves, decision making becomes easier and life becomes less taxing. Finally, we will be less exhausted at the end of the day.

Just remind yourself of the benefits of these age old techniques which have come as the most precious gifts to mankind to keep stress at bay. Start with these de-stressing techniques today and feel the difference.