Superbottoms, an eco-friendly diaper brand, is attempting to set a new record for the largest simultaneous change to reusable cloth diapers at the ‘Great Cloth Diaper Change’ event that it will be hosting on 27 April across 12 cities in India.

As part of Earth Day celebrations, the ‘Great Cloth Diaper Change’ will see participation of more than 5000 parents across 50 countries including India, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Panama, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, South Africa, and USA who will switch to reusable modern cloth diapers in one go.

The India chapter is being hosted by Superbottoms and it has already received registrations from more than 400 parents. At 11 am on 27 April, all registered parents will be handed over will formally switch diapers of their babies from disposable plastic variants to any reusable cloth diapers with the goal to generate awareness about eco-friendly and sustainable diapers for babies.

Speaking about the advantages of cloth diapers, Superbottoms founder Pallavi Utagi shared, “Eco-friendly diapers are the need of the hour as they are safe for the babies and also do not harm our environment when compared to disposable alternatives. As Indians, we are already aware about the benefits of the traditional ‘langot’ which is used even today. Cloth diapers bring the benefits of a langot and at the same time, have great absorption levels, making them super convenient and absorbent, like a disposable diaper. The Great Diaper Change is a global initiative and Superbottoms is proud to represent its India chapter.”

She added: “We aim to reinforce the awareness and also spread forth the advantages of using cloth diapers for babies through this event. The response from mothers has been overwhelming and has reinstated our faith in the product category.”

In contrast to disposable diapers, modern cloth diapers are great for the baby’s skin and are eco-friendly and economical on the pocket too owing to their reusability quotient.