Fashion faux pas that age you prematurely

Avoid fashion faux pas that age you prematurely with these tips: balance all-black outfits, mix oversized items with fitted pieces, combine pastels with darker tones, and opt for minimalist jewelry for a timeless look.

The extraordinary jewelry accounts on Instagram to follow

Just like our wardrobes, our jewelry collections give a huge insight into the type of person we are and how we express ourselves through style. Perhaps the pieces have a history as a family heirloom or a story of where the piece was bought, perhaps as a present or found in a market stall whilst traveling.

Here are some trendy sarees that are going to rule 2022

Sarees are available in different fabrics like cotton. Silk, georgette, satin, organza, and many others have become a part of every household in India. For all the Desi fashion enthusiasts the collection of gorgeous sarees remains a wardrobe staple just the style and silhouettes of flaunting them are changing day by day.

Custom fit is the future of fashion

Since the availability and accessibility of ready-made brands were limited, most people wore personalised apparel in the past. Because of its high cost and limited use, ready-made clothing was considered posh. People welcomed premade clothing enthusiastically, as time passed, owing to its inexpensive and readily available nature.