Holi is a festival of colours and is unmistakably one of the most exciting celebrations in India. The colours, energy, music and food are just further additions to its charm. This year Holi approaches us on a long weekend giving everyone a chance to celebrate it in their own unique way.

As people have become comfortable with short-haul leisure travelling, this long weekend also serves as an opportunity to take that mini-vacation with your friends and family. Goibibo, one of India’s leading travel companies lists out popular weekend getaways to explore in the country this Holi while taking proper precautions.


Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna, where Holi celebrations are an extremely exuberant affair. The festivities in Mathura include age-old traditions that are observed with utmost respect and reverence. Mathura’s famous Holi celebrations attract tourists from all over. It is believed that Holi was first played by Radha and Krishna, celebrations henceforth are grand and revered. While Holi celebrations might be low-key this time, this place serves some of the most relished street food and  Holi cuisines like gujiyas, aloo chaat, pedas and thandai.


Call it ‘Venice of the East’ or ‘City of Lakes and Palaces’, Udaipur is a must-visit destination bound by beauty all around. Be it azure waters or lush hills, colourful people or vibrant festivities, or its well-preserved architectural heritage, Udaipur is a tourist’s delight. To savour the best of what this city has to offer explore the rich historical legacy set amidst its gorgeous natural expanse. Udaipur is also known for its royal Holi celebrations. The celebration in Udaipur starts with the Mewar Holika Dahan, a day prior to Holi which takes place on the grounds of City Palace and a sight to behold.


If you enjoy seeking out thrilling stories within the ruins of magnificent temples and palaces, a trip to Hampi has lots for you to savour. From exploring the remains of the once-powerful Vijayanagar Empire to filling up your itinerary with rock climbing, trekking and coracle rides, the Evolve Back Resort (Orange County) has everything for you to soak in the spirit of Hampi. Holi celebrations in this heritage town are worth seeing and being a part of, where the entire town is out on the streets for a vibrant procession honouring the festival. You can spend the day near Tungabhadra river and enjoy the Holi processions that come to an end at the bank of this river.


A coastal retreat with sights of gleaming sands, azure waters, a shimmering sun in the backdrop, tourists typically have Goa on their bucket list. Whether you’re planning a family holiday, a quick weekend getaway with friends or looking to spend some cherished moments with that special someone, Goa has all the ingredients for a perfect vacation. This is also a perfect time to witness Goa’s famous return-of-spring celebrations, Shigmo which is synonymous to Holi, it stretches for close to five days. The celebrations ring with drumbeats, fanfare, performances to mark the end of winters.


Pondicherry or Puducherry means ‘new town.’ Everything in this charming city is within walking distance since it’s just 190 square miles in area. While most visitors get charmed by the French Quarters with colonial villas and chic boutiques but the most spectacular thing about this quaint place is the sunrise over the Bay of Bengal. One can witness this quaint town being painted in the organic hues of colours.