Tea: The perfect introduction to everyday wellbeing

Indulge in India’s diverse tea culture with our selection of black, green, masala chai, oolong, and ashwagandha teas—perfect for every palate and mood.

Tea: The perfect introduction to everyday wellbeing

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Tea in India transcends being merely a morning beverage; it embodies a perfect emotion, a ritual that sets the tone for your day. With a diverse array of tea variants available, India offers something for every palate, making tea the ideal companion for daily indulgence. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the options!

Black Tea

No morning is complete without the invigorating sip of robust black tea while perusing the morning paper. Although not as potent as coffee, black tea boasts a bold flavor profile that leaves you feeling refreshed. With various black tea leaves to choose from, each with its own recommended brewing time, there’s a perfect blend for every preference.

Green Tea

Green tea isn’t just for health enthusiasts; it’s a light and refreshing option suitable for anyone. Packed with antioxidants, green tea promotes heart health, lowers cholesterol, and aids in weight loss. Its earthy flavor and delicate aroma offer a soothing experience with every sip.


Masala Chai

A staple in Northern India, masala chai is the ultimate comfort drink, particularly during the winter months. This concoction blends tea leaves with a medley of spices such as cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, offering a rich and aromatic cup brimming with health benefits.

Oolong Tea

Combining the properties of black and green tea, oolong tea boasts a unique flavor profile that’s both floral and nutty. Though slightly pricier due to its production process, oolong tea offers numerous health benefits, including metabolism boosting, blood pressure regulation, and heart health maintenance.

Ashwagandha Tea

Derived from the ashwagandha plant root, this herbal tea offers stress relief and aids in blood sugar regulation. Known for its memory-enhancing properties and fertility-boosting effects, ashwagandha tea should be consumed occasionally, especially for those on medication who should consult their healthcare provider beforehand.

With a myriad of teas and countless ways to enjoy them, finding your perfect cuppa is simply a matter of mood and preference.

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