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Foods for warmth

We can make winter a wonderful time filled with more fun and joy by incorporating these foods in our diet.

Nmami Agarwal | New Delhi |


We cannot fight chilly winter months by just getting wrapped in blankets and sweaters 24X7. Our body requires rich foods providing warmth along with substantial nourishment. Various foods have the ability to provide our body with the required heat according to the changing seasons. Ayurveda too has to say something on the same, let’s see, what it is!

“One should focus on a balanced and seasonal diet throughout the year”. For say, during summer, seasonal produce includes fruits and vegetables that have high water content to supply an extra dose of water required by our body. Similarly, for winters there are some winter specific super foods that can provide warmth to our body and help fight the colder months. Foods mentioned below are recommended for cozy, warm and healthy winters. Take a look!


Dry fruits: In winters our skin tend to become dry and lips chapped and as fry fruits like almonds, walnuts and dates contain specific skin-friendly vitamins and minerals rich oil, it prevents our skin from drying while keeping us warm within. Also, these dry fruits are enriched with antioxidants, potassium, and iron which reduce oxidative damage typically caused in winters and trims down the blood sugar levels.

Ginger and garlic: During winters our body suffers more from cold and cough, where consuming ginger and garlic comes to be the best remedy for curing it. Ginger and garlic, both have antibacterial properties which help treating few communicable diseases caused by bacteria’s. Ginger and garlic also work magically by increasing the body’s temperature at a significant level along with uplifting our digestive activity.

Leafy greens: There is a reason why dishes like sarson ka saag, methi theplas, and palak paneer becomes so hit especially during winters. These leafy vegetables contain powerful antioxidants which help fighting diseases and building immunity. These are also a good source of beta-carotene and vitamin C which is crucial for good health and provide warmth to the body.

Grains and millets: Grains and millets that are available during winters such as bajra, jowar, and makkai are few must include grains in our winter diet. As all of these grains are low in glycemic index, high in fiber, packed with nutrients, one can easily incorporate it in the form of flour for a perfect winter warming diet.

Spices:  Spices like ajwain, asafetida (hing), turmeric, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, and black pepper are all warm spices providing a valuable remedy for winter infection (cold, cough and fever) while stimulating appetite and improving blood circulation.

Warm liquids: Consuming warm liquids like soups, green tea, and hot coffee raises the body temperature which is a good thing for our body, especially during winters. A slight increase in temperature can cause an environment that is hostile to pathogens in our body. Hence, raising the immunity and fighting off winter flu more effectively.

Take a note: We can make winters a wonderful time filled with more
fun and joy, by incorporating these foods into our diet. Exercising and getting enough sleep is also essential to spend the entire winter season warm, energetic and healthy.

(The writer is the founder and chief dietician, Nmami Life)