Cravings of any kind are a direct result of any kind of deficiency in the body. It is when a certain nutrient supply is low, the demand for it results in craving. Our system is designed to work under conditions when all the requirements are met and that results in the best possible function of all systems and organs.

It is of utmost importance that we supply what is demanded by the body; in proportionate quantities.

The first step towards attaining this proper functionality is to first understand and acknowledge that the system is demanding something. Once you have control over your body is when you can meet its needs. In these modern times, getting all nutrients from food sources is a daunting task. Therefore it’s essential to get a regular health check-up done for deficiencies. It is generally seen that our body lacks B12 or D3 and sometimes we get diagnosed with thyroid. These diagnoses also result in cravings.

Here are a few ways you can control your sugar cravings.

Eat a balanced diet

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To holistically, over time, be able to meet these cravings, it is advised to eat a balanced diet in each meal. When you eat a balanced meal comprising carbs, proteins, fats and fibre, the essential minerals and vitamins from the food provide appropriate nutrients as per the body requirement. While trying to attain a healthy lifestyle, you can snack on fruits, jaggery, or dried berries as alternates instead of resorting to junk food.

Lead an active lifestyle

When you exercise and are active, you are releasing energy and improving your metabolic rate as well as digestion. A good digestive system directly results in the quench of craving.

Try going cold turkey challenge

In this challenge, one has to completely cut down sugar for 30 days.

Water therapy

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If your body becomes dehydrated then it starts craving for sugar. So makes sure your body is hydrated

(Ms. Tapasya  Mundhra is a Nutritionist)