Besan laddu is a common sweet prepared all over India mostly in every household. They can be made plain or full of dry fruits which really enhance their taste and goodness. Although besan laddus are available on every sweet shop, but homemade version has a special taste because they are filled with ‘love’ and ‘affection’. These two ingredients make them matchless from store-bought laddus.

Here is the simple recipe to make besan laddus at home.

Serves: 15 small laddus

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 60 minutes


Mota besan: 500 grams

Pure ghee: 200 grams

Karara sugar: 250 grams

Cardamom powder: 1 tsp

Cashew nuts: 10

Almonds: 10

Pistachios: 10

Melon seeds: 1 tbsp

Raisins: 1 handful


Heat ghee in a thick bottom, deep and broad pan. When ghee melts, add besan and keep stirring on low flame. After every two-three minutes give a deep stir. After few minutes, besan will start giving a nutty fragrance and the ghee will start separating from besan. At this stage add cardamom powder, melon seeds, broken cashew nuts and coarsely chopped almonds. Give a good stir. Turn off the flame. Immediately transfer the laddu mixture in another big container to stop further cooking. Add raisins and broken pistachios and mix well again. Let the mixture cool at room temperature. When it reaches to a very mild temperature and you are able to hold it in your palms, add raisins, broken pistachios and karara sugar. Mix well. Then start binding laddus in round shape. The size depends upon your choice. If you want to make small laddus of lemon size, then take that much of mixture in your one hand and if you want to make big laddus, then take good amount of mixture in your hands and give the mixture a perfect round shape pressing and rolling it in between your palms. Let the laddus harden for two to three hours. Then store them in an airtight box.

These laddus will last for 20 days easily. Although the taste of fresh laddus cannot match with the laddus that become little old, but they will not perish for at least 20 days even if kept at normal room temperature in an airtight box.

Besan laddu is popularly known as the king of sweets occupying the top rung in the hierarchy of different variety of laddus. Home-made besan laddus are a filling wholesome option no doubt with good fats. Even the picky eaters would like to eat them. It is a must-try recipe that tastes absolutely yum!