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Finding your space, your world

Treat yourself to a mindspace where you can create a wonderful mindscape of joy and peace, of sharing and living, of love and hope.

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi |

Small or big, we all have a world of our own–it is just you and your favourite things. It’s a space you love, doing just what you wish to do. In your world, you are happy and at peace. It’s a place you come home to. It’s a world away from the world.

As individuals, we all need a little bit, if not a good big one, of a comfort space–freedom to let your hair down and just be yourself. No matter what’s in that world of yours, you love this space of freedom.

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No wonder, the news that ran: Reality TV star Kylie Jenner loves the freedom her boyfriend Travis Scott gives her. According to reports, Travis gives Kylie the space she needs to run her beauty empire and spend quality time with her friends and family.

We need to give a little space to each other, the priceless freedom to make each other happy. We also need to find a space of our own, a world of our own, a mindspace where you can think freely and be at ease.

However, we live in a hectic and quite chaotic world today. In the mad rush of our everyday life, it’s difficult to find a mindspace, leave alone freedom to do what you want.

How to find our own space?

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There are endless things to do. The demands from both at home and at work are endless. How do you live up to the expectations and obligations of the world, yet find your freedom and space in this overcrowded life, especially if you are living in a metro.

And, all of us, like it or not, are blessed with relationships, be it family relationship, friendship, romantic relationship, business relations or working relationship.

You may be living alone, but you are never really alone. We are all tied to some kind of relationships in some way or the other. In all of these ties and beyond, one has to find a space of our own–both physical space and mindspace.

Take time to do all the things you want to do, be it fun or work. Take time to visit your loved ones. Take time to spend time with your friends and family or be by yourself. Watch a movie, listen to music, dine out, play games, party and dance, shop and drop, travel, sleep…

Mindspace and mindscape

So, what’s on your mind? Nothing or too many things? All the things on your mind makes up your mindscape. How wonderful or beautiful is your mindscape depends on what’s on your mind.

The world today is becoming claustrophobic with too many things happening around and more and more people speaking their mind, their voices getting louder, sometimes thrusting  their voices and views on you. You need to break free from it all once in a while and retreat to your quiet space.

Take time to ease your mind a little. Find your quiet corner. Pray and meditate, if you must. Find your little space and treat yourself to a mindspace where you can create a wonderful mindscape of joy and peace, of sharing and living, of love and hope.