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Cracking the health and beauty benefits of walnuts

Eat walnuts regularly and experience the goodness of the wonder nutty shell.

SNS | New Delhi |

As kids, we used to try to crack the walnut and scoop out the nut from the shell as best as we could. It was tough. Little did we know the tricks and trade of it. But it was fun. We had joy. Those were the days. Well, you can still have the joy of eating walnut as it is a power shell of nutrition and antioxidants that provide good health and beauty.
Eating walnut every day can actually make you feel happy. Experts advise eating 28 gm walnuts daily. Here are top five reasons you should eat them daily.
Good health: Of all the dietary foods, walnut is said to contain the highest antioxidants. It is low in carbs but rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and non-fatty acids. The nutrients and medicinal properties in it prevent sickness, including cancer, and keeps you physically healthy. It is also said to be good for healthy brain functioning.
Good heartt: Eating walnuts is good for the heart as it prevents heart disease. It lowers bad cholesterol and builds good cholesterol. Hence, it eases blood pressure and risk of heart problems.
Good energy: Studies states walnuts contain about 65% fats, but it is polyunsaturated fats. Hence, studies show that they do not add to obesity risk. In fact, they are energy dense, high-calorie food that provides energy.
Good sleep: Walnut gives you a good night sleep, as it is a good source of tryptophan, which is a sleep-enhancing amino acid. If you are having a hard time getting sleep, pop few bits of it.
Good skin and hair: The antioxidant properties of walnuts slows down the ageing process and provides flawless, radiant skin. It also helps hair growth and prevents greying of hair and hair fall.
Good figure: As the healthy fats in walnuts helps to control weight, munching on walnuts when you are hungry will not make you put on weight. In fact, it will help to reduce the body fat and keep you in good shape.
Good day: Walnuts are also said to be a great stress buster as its nutritional benefits keep you healthy and strong. Studies show that the polyunsaturated fats lower blood pressure and ease the nerves and muscles. Hence, it helps to deal with body stress. Also, a healthy body can beat stress better.
Have a handful of walnuts regularly. Stay healthy, wealthy and wise with walnuts, Control your weight, have a stress-free day, catch a good night’s sleep and have glowing skin and hair.