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Food Review: Duty-Free’s drinks and dishes from Bollywood to Homely; a unique experience in culinary art

Duty-Free gives their guest a perfect vintage look in their serving ideas. Be it all the old-style golden thalis making the cuisine all the more homely.

Shalini Pathak | New Delhi | Updated :

Hey folks, as we stepped one year ahead with some new aspirations, new ideas, a new approach or with some breakable or unbreakable resolution, how about making our 2020 even more special with going to a new Bar making it more delectable and more festive. It will give you a double dose of tasty, mouthwatering Indo-western cuisine. Then you can absolutely vouch for it.

Founded on 16 December 2019, just 27 days old, after taking over Delhi and Gurugram, Duty-Free Courtyard is all set to satiate your hunger in Noida with its flavoursome dishes. Its third outlet will leave you stunned.

Serving your drinks with all the filmy characters, and yes the childhood iconic comic villain crime master Gogo too. Remember its famous dialogue! “Aankhen nikaal ke gotiyan khelunga” which still makes the audience laugh. Just like its name, here crime master Gogo plays his part in the drinks section, but it will not make you laugh, instead, you will be bound to give a standing ovation with its unique, pineapple flavour mixed with coconut syrup. Its base mixed with Bacardi wine will leave all the stone unturned, Oh! Sounds heavy! then in simple words will climb on your head and of course, its fan following will increase by leaps and bounds.

Not just crime master Gogo, but there are a lot more characters in this ‘Lord of the Drinks’ section. You can have your all-time favourite Chucha (famous Fukre character) as well. It will set the stage on fire when its tangy taste, mixed with rasbhari syrup and on the top of it Bacardi based flavour. Talking about famous characters of Bollywood with the same name of the drinks, then how can we forget most loved or most loathed by some, Basanti’s Dhanno. It tastes like apple juice, again based with Bacardi wine flavour. Duty-Free offers you a lot more drinks in the name of bolly characters. The way they serve all the drinks that sounds even more filmy. With ringing a bell continuously, loud and clear, drinks will be served to you.

Duty-Free gives their guest a perfect vintage look in their serving ideas. Be it all the old-style golden thalis making the cuisine all the more homely. All the starters mixed with healthy vegetables make it light and easy on the tummy. Lot of new experiments and full of joy or palatable, lip-smacking dishes, well starting with its chakna sampler, in this you will get a wholesome snack in just one bowl. Be it crispy nachos or chana jor garam, boiled regular chickpeas mixed with all the Indian spices, tikka masala, small chop off vegetables will surely give you a sense of health or chatpata vibes. One of the small bowls are filled with green salads like few leaves of spinach, carrot, tomato, onion, or a lot more greenery, garnishing with lemon slice or some ‘kala namak’ or black pepper on the top of it or add a pinch of peri peri masala just to make-‘masaledar’! Masala peanut is something that you would want to give it a try, different from regular salted peanuts, again filled with a chop off vegetables or Indian masala, makes its presence felt. But on the other side of the table buttery, creamy popcorn, added into some chat masala or Salsa tangy sauce, or mint sauce, it’s really not hard to guess its taste, giving a tough competition to the one siders.

Ande ka Fanda is a simple recipe of two boiled fried eggs with a pinch of Kala namak, black pepper, lal mirch, hari mirch and all types of other masalas make its taste complete, the moment you will have a bite of it you can feel the sense of gulping it.

In the courtyard, there are a lot more unique discoveries that are absolutely waiting for you, so let’s start from its vegetarian starters Mushroom 65, Sounds new! Its taste is also new. Giving a northern-southern touch, Mushroom 65 is completely an experiment of Duty-Free that produces unique flavour, mixed with pure, authentic Indian homemade spices. Can say a perfect non-veg for vegetarians. Its taste as smoky as a tandoor, you can feel its chilly, masala taste and texture in every bite, have it with plain naan and garnished with some onion rings or lemon slices with chat masala will actually fill your uncanny cravings.

A perfect starter for all dil se vegetarian but for non-vegetarians, Mushroom 65 is not just enough, then try its Mexican fries, a good experiment with regular fries, added a lot more masala in it, be it kali mirch, hari mirch or lal mirch, a perfect combination altogether, an absolute new dish. Now time to add some grilled chicken in it with well smoky flavours and last but not the least Rajma and its gravy is a new touch, poured into it, just to lure your craving.

Here comes a DF Special, Wondering what’s that! Then pay attention, in this segment. Seekh Kabab makes your taste buds feel chewy, smoky, get all the pure Indian masala, be it khata flavour or thika, seekh kabab is going to make you want it more, complete its combination with gram flour’s chapati, garnished with onion rings and few leaves of coriander.

Before moving ahead, get some Mexican meal bowl, as its name suggests, wholesome eateries item will not just satisfy your craving but also fill your uncanny appetite. From Mexican grilled cheese, grilled fish, grilled cottage chicken in olive caper sauce to sufrito rice, nachos, salsa and sour cream are grabbing your eyeball. Duty-free is lot more than spicy snacks. Asian meal bowl or Mediterranean meal bowl are also standing in the queue, don’t give a miss! Better try it.

There are a lot more Indian-western touch in the eating house like in the Indian main course category, you will experience plenty of eateries, from butter chicken to dal makhni to rawal pindi chole to paneer Kadai, just fill your stomach with ample of dishes.

In the Non-Vegetarian section, none of the items is left unexplored, have some tawa seekh kabab or chicken curry that will give you perfect winter goal, or try this Mutton tariwala, mixed with all the herbs, gives you feel of shorba. It is something that you just don’t regret to have it.

After giving your palate a chatpata or thika sensational mouth-watering dishes, take a break and order its melting chocolate bomb, it’s as chocolaty as its name, serves with melt chocolate in very stylish tiny cup, as soon as melting chocolates pour into chocolate bomb, it is ready to blast in your mouth with its delicious taste. From the upper side, you can feel the taste of brownie and from inside its the cold ice cream that will steal your heart.

There is one more dessert that you must try, ‘Daulat ki Chatt’, an amalgamation of all the fruits, mashed besan ka laddoo and milk, gently mixed with all the ingredients is a unique take on this age-old traditional sweet dish.

Duty-Free Courtyard places great emphasis on the idea of a tropical vibe and aesthetically pleasing decor. It reinvents the original idea while still sticking to its roots. The interiors are classic yet speak fun. And the menu card consisting of all-time favourite comfort food and an exquisite bar with tantalizing cocktails from Classic specials to Millenial twists assuring an unparalleled experience.

The menu at Duty-Free aims at pleasing all taste palettes, making sure the dishes aren’t complicated while also adding its own spark with an experimental and unique presentation. The menu can keep you company all day long with fries to platters to desserts. With dishes such as keema pav, papad platter and Biryani to Italian delicacies such as a wide variety of pizzas and pasta, no cuisine is left unexplored, one will also find Asian delectables on the menu along with wholesome meal bowls.

Want to have a cosy time with friends or family then don’t wait too long, just make your moments memorable and experience the flavoursome, palatable, delicious dishes. Cancel all the appointment and do visit Duty-Free Courtyard. Have a happy meal!

Details are given below:-

Address: GARDEN GALLERIA Mall, Duty- Free Courtyard

Where: FB-103 GROUND FLOOR, GARDEN GALLERIA Mall, Maharaja Agrasen Marg, Sector 38, Noida,

Cost for two: 1200-1400 (approx)

Timings: 12:00 am to 1:00 pm (open all days)