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Food Review: Karim’s brings delicacy to your plate

Karim’s is defined by the symphony that Allah has 99 names and Karim is one of them, and it is because of this very name, Karim is growing day by day.

Akshita Singh | New Delhi |

Karim’s is not an unfamiliar name for food lovers. The kind of taste and richness Karim’s offers is delicious and appetising.

The specialisation of Karim’s is the flavorsome Mughlai they serve. The food that Karim’s offers can be categorised into starters, main course, and dessert.

From the starters, Chicken Malai Tikka will leave your mouth watered. Chicken is something that is loved a lot among non-veg lovers, be it any form of chicken, if it’s chicken, there are more chances the dish will be liked among people. Malai chicken tikka is a combination of all-time favorite smoke-roasted chicken and malai (a type of butter used to bring richness to food), is a perfect starter. A must one if you’re to order something from Karim’s.

There’s a lot that Karim’s offers in its main course, but a big name in the field of Mughlai ‘butter chicken’ is something that remains a big hit. The Karim’s butter chicken has a sweet and rich flavor, typical butter chicken. It will be a perfect fit for those who avoid salty and spicy flavors.

The Biryanis of Karim’s are the hallmark of true Mughlai. With the presence of Keora essence and Kesar, the Biryani is just royal.

Karim’s just has Kheer to offer in the name of the dessert, though there is no variety one will not regret ordering Kheer. The kheer is so amazing and satisfies one’s cravings for dessert.

About Karim’s: Karim’s is a historic restaurant located near Jama Masjid, Gali Kababian, Old Delhi, Delhi, India. Established in 1913, the restaurant has been described as “synonymous with this area” (Old Delhi) and “arguably the city’s most famous culinary destination”.

While making their mark in the Food and Hospitality industry, Karim’s aims to nurture the heritage of serving food from the Mughal Dynasty.

The chain opened its first branch in the 1990s in Nizamuddin West, followed by Kailash Colony, Noida, Gurgaon, Kamla Nagar, Dwarka, Delhi, and in all the Delhi NCR region.

As a way forward for the future, the brand is looking forward towards a mix of Company-owned and company-operated outlets along with Franchise owned company-operated outlets. It is currently catering to over 50 plus outlets, with plans to capture the global expansion in the coming years.