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Celebrate the King of Fruit

Khandani Rajdhani brings the Aamlicious Festival to Kolkata this summer with a new fusion menu of mango-based dishes incorporated in the traditional Rajasthani thali.

Abhinay Lakshman |

Temperatures are on the rise and the only good thing to look forward to this summer is that mango season is upon us! In celebration of this, Khandani Rajdhani- the destination for the city’s best Rajasthani food has launched its new Aamlicious Menu.

Other than the traditional thali that is available at the restaurant, this menu has a list of mango-based dishes- three of which will be served with each meal on a rotational basis.

The menu has traditional delicacies such as Mango Thandai, Aam Khasta Kachori, Kairi Methi Thepla, Aam ki Subji aur Pyaaz and many more. The primary flavour component in all these dishes includes mangoes that have been incorporated in inventive and delicious ways.

The Makai ka Salad is prepared with corn, onions and tomatoes, with a pepper, lemon, and coriander dressing. It is a light and excellent appetizer to start one off with on the vast journey of navigating through the flavoursome menu.

The Kaccha Aam ki Launji is quite similar to the traditional Bengali Aamer Chutney when it comes to the consistency of the dish. This Launji, however, leaves a slight sour aftertaste that awakens your flavour palette in preparation of the next course.

The balance of traditional and fusion is imperative here which can be seen in the Kairi Methi Thepla which is a staple of Rajasthani cuisine. When small unripe mangoes are added to thisdelicacy the taste improves by a wide margin. At first, methi hits one’s taste buds followed by the delicious tartness of green mango. This accompanied by any spicy gravy dish creates a flavour sensation.

A complexity of flavour is achieved in the Aam ki Subji aur Pyaaz- which sounds like an unlikely pairing. The dish, however, is sweet and spicy at the same time thus challenging your senses.

The menu also includes some Teekhi Kairi Makai ka Salad, Kaccha Aam ki Launji, Khoba Roti and the Aamras which strike the perfect balance in flavours and leaves one feeling like they have had a traditional Rajasthani meal not without a twist.

The star of the new menu has to be the simple yet delicious Aamras. Made out of nothing but pure mango juice- it is rich, thick and sweet and is the perfect conclusion to a meal fit for royalty. The Aamlicious Festival began from 15 April and will continue in all outlets of Khandani Rajdhani till the end of summer.