Navrattan Group of Companies is one of the biggest conglomerates that are working in different sectors. At present, Navrattan Group is a widely recognized brand with operations in diversified industries like science & technology, alternative energy, healthcare, basalt mining, agriculture, infrastructure, and transportation with an emphasis on developing eco-friendly technological inventions.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra the group comprises 6 independent operating companies and a large team of scientists, researchers, and professionals.

The Navrattan Companies are owned and run by Himansh Verma, the Chairman of Navrattan Group. Verma is deeply involved in the development of the company’s technology and continues to be personally responsible for overseeing all aspects of the functional design of the company’s products and patents. The group includes companies like Navrattan Holdings Limited, Navrattan Green Power Corporation Limited, Navrattan Green Cement Industries Private Limited, Navrattan Science & Technology KFT, Navrattan USA Inc., and Navrattan Infra Private Limited.

Navrattan Group offers some of the best and revolutionary innovations in various industrial sectors. To name a few novel inventions are SUNSUL Technology, Navrattan Green Crete, Composite Electric Bus, Navrattan Thermo Chemical Gasification Technology, Sewage Sludge Incinerator, Basalt Rebar, Cholesterol Immunization, and many more.

Navrattan Green Crete is one such innovation that utilizes waste materials for manufacturing the Crete; thus, significantly reducing landfills and the severe problem of plastic pollution.