Being rich is every person’s dream but being rich with having a heart of gold is a rare combination. Hafeez Kudroli, a millionaire is living his life with grounded attitude and has made his name as one of the influential entrepreneurs. He is the founder of ‘Kudroli World’, a business conglomerate which is spread across in almost every field – Infrastructure, real estate, broadcast media, fashion, education, hospitality, sports, entertainment, investment services, and fundraising. He took the legacy ahead from his father who established Kudroli Builder & Infrastructures Pvt Ltd. However, Hafeez is a civil engineer by qualification and it was after finishing the studies that he got into his family business.

In less than 2 years, Hafeez Kudroli has set an empire of his own and currently, there are 13 various subsidiary companies under ‘Kudroli World’. The entrepreneur’s main goal is to educate the people and give employment opportunities to all the Indians. Born in Kasaragod, Hafeez’s company is headquartered in Bengaluru. He is planning to contribute to the education sector by providing the best education services. The company has three subsidiaries under the education sector namely ‘Being Child’, ‘Wht Nxt’ and ‘Quizutra’. Right from nurturing since pre-school to helping choose the best career stream, ‘Kudroli World’ has made sure to build an environment where every individual will be given proper education with latest facilities.

Focusing more on education, Hafeez said, “It is very important to nurture the children at an early age. What we teach is what they learn. At ‘Kudroli World’, we believe to give the best education facilities which also helps the students to increase their knowledge about the latest happenings and current affairs.”

Hafeez, who runs a foundation named Kudroli Foundation, plans to educate 5000 students by next year. When asked about the pandemic COVID-19, he said, “It is very unfortunate. All I can say is people must take extra care and be hygienic. Also, everyone must stay home and not get out until there is an emergency. Still, there are many poor and uneducated people who are not aware of the deadly coronavirus. I hope God gives all of us the strength to battle against the virus.”