A 40-year-old man was killed in a village in Fatehpur by five people when he was fleeing after killing his wife with an axe and injuring his in-laws, police said on Sunday.

A purported video of Nisar Qureshi’s killing was shared widely on social media, they said.

Police said that the five accused were identified as Osama, Abdul Qureishi, Salman, Rafiq and Shahnawaz, adding that they were relatives of Qureshi’s wife Afsari (35).

The incident is of Wednesday when Qureshi, who was from Chhattisgarh, visited his in-laws’ house in Fatehpur, a police official said.

Qureshi killed his wife Afsari with an axe and also attacked his sister-in-law and mother-in-law. He was fleeing from the spot when he was nabbed by the locals and thrashed to death.

As per the police, Qureshi’s brother Ishaq had lodged a complaint against 100 to 150 people on Friday following which a case was registered. Ishaq had also handed over video of the incident to the police.

The doctor who conducted the postmortem said that apart from sustaining injuries to his head and mouth, a number of Qureshi’s bones were fractured.