A 25-year-old woman allegedly beat her six-month-old daughter to death in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh district after her husband refused to buy her and the children new clothes for Holi. This shocking incident took place on Sunday.

The accused, Pinky Sharma had a fight with her husband  Rahul as he refused to buy new clothes for her and their children. Pinky and Rahul got married four years ago. Rahul is  a lock factory labourer and they had two children. A three-year-old son and six-months-old daughter, according to the police.

Pinky allegedly vented her anger on her infant daughter, Soni, and thrashed her so badly that the baby died.

The incident was filmed as well and it’s not clear why the person who filmed the entire incident did not stop the woman.

Rahul filed a complaint against Pinky and the police registered a murder case against her and arrested her.

According to the police, the accused told them that she did not kill her daughter intentionally.

Pinky was unhappy over constant arguments with her husband and vented out her anger on her daughter.