Villagers staged a strong protest against the school authorities after a six-year-old boy was locked in the classroom of the primary school in Kurali village of Jani on Tuesday.

Admitting it as a mistake on their part, Principal Shilpa has set up a probe in the case.

Jigar (6), a student of class 2 of the Kurali Primary School of Jani, had gone to the school on Tuesday along with his elder sister Kanchan. But after the school got over, he somehow got locked in his classroom. An Aanganwadi worker heard his screams and rushed to the school authorities to inform them about the boy getting locked.

Enraged by the negligence of the school administration, the local residents staged a strong protest. They claimed that the child remained locked for about 40 minutes due to the negligence of the school authorities.

On her part, Shilpa said that the boy remained locked in the classroom only for about five minutes. It was his family members and villagers who created a ruckus and did not let us unlock the room until the police arrived.

“Jigar studies here with his sister and cousins. I regularly get complaints from his teachers that he often sleeps during the class. On Tuesday again he had taken naps many times during the class and was woken up by his class teacher,” said the Principal, hinting it as a reason why he got locked accidentally.

However, admitting the negligence, the principal has set up an inquiry. “On completion of this inquiry action would be taken up against who so ever found guilty,” she averred, adding that it would be ensured that such incidents do not occur in future.

The boy’s family and villagers are demanding stern action against those responsible for locking the child. They charged the staff of insensitivity and suggested that being a primary school they should be extra careful with the children as all of them are of tender age.