Six more persons filed nominations for the July 17 presidential election on Friday, but the Election Commission rejected papers of all on technical grounds.

Vijay Narayan Pal and Saraswati Sharma from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Sanjay Kumar from Shamli in Uttar Pradesh, Lala Ram from Alwar in Rajasthan, Ashok Kumar Singh Chauhan from Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh, and Birpal Singh Malik from Delhi filed their nominations during the day, which were rejected under Section 5B(4) of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections Act, 1952.

So far, 13 candidates have filed nominations, which too are likely to be rejected by the Election Commission on various technical grounds.

Under the rules, a presidential candidate's name has to be proposed by at least 50 elected representatives and seconded by 50 more. 

The candidates also need to furnish security deposits of Rs.15,000 each and verified copies of their names in the electoral rolls.