Iconic “Shooter Dadi” Chandro Tomar of Johri village in Baghpat district died of Covid-19 infection at a private hospital in Meerut on Friday. International trap shooter and her niece Seema Tomar confirmed her death.

She said that the family grieving Tomar’s death. Chandro Tomar was initially admitted to the hospital on 26 April due to health-related issues.

Later she tested positive for Covid-19. Chandro Dadi shot to fame after she started pistol shooting in her sixties and went on to win many national competitions.

Soon she became popular as shooter Dadi and an inspiration for the girls. Unlike other shooters, Chandro Dadi used to shoot in the competition in her traditional attire of Ghaghra Choli. Famous film director Prakash Jha made a film’ “Saand ki Aankh” on Chandro and her sister-inlaw Prakasho.

The story behind Chandro Dadi’s shooting debut is very interesting.

Her grandaughter Shafali wanted to go to the Johri shooting range to get trained but was hesitant as only boys went there. When she shared this with Dadi Chandro she decided to accompany Shafali to the range.

There at the range she not only helped her grandaughter in loading the gun but also hit the bulls eye in her first shot. Since than Dadi’s shooting journey started along with her grandaughter. Later Shafali too made it to Indian team and played in some international competitions.