SAD demands release of innocents arrested in crackdown against Khalistani preacher Amritpal Singh, supporters

Amritpal Singh [File Photo]

Accusing the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government of letting loose “undeclared emergency and reign of repression and terror” in Punjab, Shiromani Akali Dal president Sukhbir Singh Badal on Monday demanded immediate release of all innocents arrested in the ongoing crackdown against fugitive Khalistani preacher Amritpal Singh and his supporters.

Coming down strongly against the AAP government, Badal  condemned the “indiscriminate arrests of innocent Sikh youth, especially the Amritdhari youth on mere suspicion through resort to extra-constitutional methods.” He demanded the immediate release of all innocents arrested in the ongoing crackdown.

The SAD chief said the SAD stands for justice and the protection of the rights of the Punjabis in general and the Sikhs in particular within the federal framework, with more powers to the states, a demand echoed now by other political parties too.


Badal also warned against “dangerous conspiracies to defame the most patriotic Sikh community for communal polarization and electoral gains”. “The same conspiracies were hatched and implemented by the Congress in the past and now the present regime is following in their footsteps to set Punjab on fire,” he added.

The Akali president said the Sikhs are the most patriotic people and have made the greatest sacrifices for securing and safeguarding the independence, the unity and integrity of India and we will do so again whenever the country needs it.

“This is our country and the Sikhs need no certificate from anyone on their patriotism,” said Badal in a statement after an emergent meeting of senior leaders of the party. He said the SAD “will fight all forces out to disturb peace and harmony.” During the ongoing operations against  Waris Punjab De (WPD) chief Amritpal and his supporters, 114 have been arrested so far.