Russia’s relations with India are second to none and these can’t be compared with Kremlin’s relations with Pakistan, Russian Ambassador to India, Nikolai Kudashev, said on Wednesday.

“I do not see any opportunity to equalise relations between Russia and India and Russia and Pakistan. Our relations with India are a special strategic partnership, second to no other country,” Kudashev told the media following the India-Russia first tri-service exercise.

The maiden tri-service exercise for India and Russia — Indra-2017 — concluded in Russia’s Vladivostok on Sunday after 11 days of joint training in counter-terror operations.

The Russian Ambassador said his country’s joint exercises with Pakistan were focused only on anti-terror operations.

“We also have a sincere desire of normal relations with Pakistan. The purpose of the drill was of anti-terror nature, to support reasonable elements in the Pakistan government to counter terror,” Kudashev said.

About his reaction to the India-US-Japan exercise off Malabar, the diplomat said he was in favour of non-bloc open cooperation.

“My primary preoccupation is our bilateral relations. India is a sovereign nation and can take its own decisions. We would welcome larger non-bloc open regional architectures which will have space for all,” Kudashev said.