We are more than prepared in cyber warfare: Brig. Shardendu

Brigadier (Retd) Shuvendu rates the Indian Army as one of the most powerful and technically sound armies in the world equipped with modern weaponry and trained manpower to meet any external threat.

We are more than prepared in cyber warfare: Brig. Shardendu

Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (Indian Army photo)

As we are celebrating 75 anniversary of India’s independence, we are reminded of the sacrifices of numerous countrymen who laid down their lives for the cause of independence. To protect the hard-earned independence, our armed forces have given their blood and sweat and protected us from hostile neighbours.

Thanks to their gallantry and commitment to the nation, we have fought several wars and managed to not only protect ourselves but also progress to give the people of India a chance to live and excel in their chosen fields. But today, apart from conventional warfare, we need to be digitally prepared for modern-day warfare, says Brigadier (Retd) Shardendu. Digital technologies not only prove helpful in conventional war but also in cyber warfare.

Conceding that India is militarily equipped to meet any external threat, he said it has done a great job in defending the country, Shuvendu, who has seen the Indian Army from close quarters having served it, said many other technologies like drone technologies, internet-based war, and so on determine our capability to engage the enemy in the modern-day war.


Are we prepared for modern-day war? Can we take on China and Pakistan in a cyber war?

“Indeed, we are!” asserts Brig. Shardendu.

He rates the Indian Army as one of the most powerful and technically sound armies in the world equipped with modern weaponry and trained manpower. In recent years, it has also made its cyber warfare ready. With the advent of drone technology and its rising importance in modern warfare, the Indian Army has also geared up for the challenge and is steadily updating itself in drone technology.

He sounded reassuring when he said, “The Indian Army has always kept itself abreast of new technology and our officers are well trained in modern warfare. If we have to face this sort of situation against our adversary, we are more than prepared to take on Pakistan, China, and our neighboring country as while deciding the course we always keep in mind the preparedness of our adversaries.”

Pakistan and China pose an immediate threat to us. Can we take on them in cyber war?

“Yes, of course, we can!” the Brigadier sounded confident before going on to explain in detail.

“We generally focus on Pakistan and China. And that’s why if we compare ourselves vis-a-vis them, then we have to be aware of their latest equipment, systems, etc. which they procure from outside.”

As far as Pakistan is concerned, we have a definite edge. We more than match them in technology and warfare of all sorts. Whether it is a low-intensity conflict or a conventional war India has an advantage. As far as new warfare is concerned these technologies are always upgrading so the Indian army always upgrades itself from time to time be it cyber war or digital interventions Indian army has dedicated arms to deal with them, he added.

Stressing on the confidentiality of the information he passed on to us, he said, “One thing I can assure you. It’s we are keeping pace with the new technology and that includes cyber warfare as well as conventional war. We are at par with any army in the world.”

Another issue of concern is the army personnel. Are they trained enough to handle the sophisticated machinery and take on the enemy in digital space?

The Brigadier said that times have changed. Now the recruits are not only educated but also well versed in digital technologies. Besides, they get training from time to time and are given hands-on training to handle the gadgetry that is inducted into the army, disclosed Brig. Shardendu.