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Post vax, B’luru housewife develops magnetic power

All of them rubbished the fact that her new powers were the result of the vaccination.

Statesman News Service | Bengaluru |

Jyothi KM, a housewife in the IT capital, is pinching herself hard if only to check what she is experiencing is real. Yesterday, she was watching a news clip about a woman in Udupi claiming that she had acquired magnetic powers after getting vaccinated.

Just for a lark , Jyoti decided to test if it really happened. Or, it was a figment of imagination or some illusion of the woman concerned. Jyothi , a former software engineer who was working with Infosys, had got her second dose of Covaxin on 26 May.

Accordingly, while she was preparing tea ,she decided to try if she too could have become magnetic. What started as fun suddenly became real as first the spoon she was using, stuck to her arms. If any convincing was needed, it came in the form of her car keys, then other metals . All of them stuck to her arms or legs. Or, the stomach. “It was just incredible! Funny too!,” she told The Statesman, adding that she tested herself on both the arms. But she wanted to check whether her husband too was experiencing the same as both of them had got their vaccines on the same day. “ Totally negative,” she said.

This is not all. She is also puzzled by the fact that all of a sudden she seems to become extremely energetic.

“ Admittedly, I do all the household work as the maids have not been coming because of the lockdowns. I did get tired earlier, despite having been a sportsperson. “ But suddenly , now I realise that I have become far more energetic. Just do not get tired. I just do not understand this,”she said.

Predictably, it was natural for her to inform her friends on the What’s app group. They just did not believe her at first. Therefore, she decided to get a video made. Just wanted to ensure that friends and others did not feel that she was pulling a fast one. The housewife did not leave the matter here. While she was perfectly healthy and keeping well, she wanted to check with her doctors and others alike.

All of them rubbished the fact that her new powers were the result of the vaccination.

Their explanation, according to her, was that “ it could have happened because of surface tension, not because of the vaccination.”

Either way, she is enjoying the excitement with her husband, also a software engineer, and two teenage children. For good measures, similar incidents have been reported from different parts of the country including Gujarat and Maharashtra.