Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that his monthly radio address ‘Mann Ki Baat’ was never about politics and thanked the media for playing it on their channels.

Underlining that ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is “a platform for raising issues of social relevance”, Modi said that he had made it clear at the very beginning that it will not serve as a tool to tom-tom government’s achievements.

“When Mann Ki Baat started, I decided that politics will not be a part of it. It’ll neither have the praises of the government nor my name. I got the inspiration and strength to stay true to my resolution from all of you,” the PM said in the 50th episode of his radio address.

Thanking the media, the PM said that the media adopted the issues raised in the programme and helped in significant campaigns on cleanliness, road safety, drug free India and selfie with daughter.

“I thank the media for playing Mann Ki Baat in their channels on a regular basis. No political person is ever happy with the media, they think they don’t get enough coverage or get negative coverage, however the media has made the issues raised in programme their own,” he said.

He insisted that it has always been a medium for him to connect with the masses and know their aspirations.

“Some people wonder as to what I get out of this? Well, it gives me immense satisfaction when people write back to tell me that they listen to the Mann Ki Baat with their family and feel as if a family elder is speaking to them and telling them their own words and thoughts,” the Prime Minister said.

Praising the youth of the country for their zeal and ambition, the PM said that they are good at multitasking.

“Today, the youth is very ambitious; they think big. It’s good, dream big and achieve great success – this is New India. People say the young generation wants to do so many things at the same time. I say what’s wrong in that? They’re good at multitasking so they do that,” he said.