A meeting was conducted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) society during which he suggested the measures to enhance collaboration in research and development.

At the meeting, PM Modi directed the CSIR to focus on real-time social issues like malnutrition and water conservation. He also reviewed the work done by CSIR and appreciated the tasks undertaken and gave his suggestions to chart out a future roadmap.

“The Prime Minister stressed on the need to develop virtual labs to ensure science reaches all and to attract young students towards science and also suggested measures to enhance collaboration in research and development project amongst Indians working across the world,” news agency ANI quoted an official statement.

PM Modi also urged the scientific community to work towards improving the quality of life of the common man.

He further listed technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence, and affordable and life-lasting batteries for renewable energy storage as the challenges that scientists need to focus on.

Taking it to Twitter, PM Modi said, “There are new frontiers of science that we have to be well acquainted with. This includes 5G, AI and affordable and long lasting batteries for renewable energy storage. I am sure CSIR will excel in traditional as well as modern, futuristic aspects of science.”

He further spoke about the need to attract young students toward science to strengthen the scientific acumen in the coming generation.

At the meeting, PM Modi further highlighted the need to combine traditional knowledge with modern science to develop world-class products. The prime minister also spoke about the importance of commercialisation of innovations, the release said.