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Nobody hates constitution as much as RSS: Digvijay

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |


At an unconventional meeting organised at Mavalankar hall in New Delhi on Saturday, Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh addressed a gathering of party supporters from all over the country at an event titled "Challenges and opportunities for Congress ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha elections".

The organisers said they chose Digvijays Singh as he was the strongest critic of the BJP and RSS. “We have chosen Digvijaya Singh for this interaction because we are of the view that there isn’t a single leader in the country who attacks an organisation like Singh,” said SP Pande.

Digvijaya stressed on the need to go back to the Gandhian and Nehruvian ideology of the Congress. “I know that all the people who have gathered here are our supporters and I hope that you all support us for the larger cause of saving this country and its democratic constitution. People often come to meet me in my office and say they have been with Congress for long but haven’t got anything from it. It's time to move beyond this thinking, it’s time to realise that we have to save our motherland from the fascist assault of the RSS and BJP, this will be our test of patriotism,” said Digvijaya.

He said the vast diversity of India is its biggest strength and alleged that BJP and RSS were the enemies of Indian diversity and want to see this country dominated by one culture, one way of life, which is the majoritarian way. He slammed the RSS for its ‘narrow minded’ ideology.

Analysing the defeat of the Congress in 2014, he asserted that it was not because of the UPA’s failure to work for the people of this country but rather its inability to counter the propaganda unleashed by BJP and RSS along with APCO, a company which manages their electoral strategy.

“The erstwhile UPA government was successful in every field, from economy to foreign policy. We never hesitated in acting against our own people who were involved in corruption and initiated a CBI inquiry into them but what the ruling establishment is doing is that it is shielding its people who are involved in neck deep corruption like Vyapam and the BJP leader who spent 500 crore on his daughter's wedding during demonetisation,” Digvijaya added.

Attacking the Modi government's slogan of 'Congress Mukt Bharat', he said the Prime Minister is well aware that the only political organisation which is capable of stopping the RSS is the Congress. He also asserted that he had no doubt about Congress coming back to power and drew comparisons with 1969 and 1977 when Congress had become extremely weak but was able to win back the trust of the people. The leaders who left the Congress to join the BJP were termed opportunists.

Digvijaya also appealed to secular parties to join hands with the Congress in a bid to check growing communalism in this country.

Accusing the BJP and RSS of hating Gandhi and the Constitution of this country, he said, “These are the same people who killed Gandhi and had distributed sweets after that. These are the same people who burnt the Indian Constitution and vowed to never accept it. What they are doing today is that they are appropriating Gandhi and Ambedkar. Who can be more hypocritical than those who disown their own people, today they ask us to prove that Godse killed Gandhi and I ask them to show their membership records of that time. "

Terming "fake news" BJP’s biggest strength, Digvijay appealed to supporters to counter it and make people aware of the great progress this country has made under Congress rule.