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Lok Sabha takes up amendments to Finance Bill

IANS | New Delhi |

The Lok Sabha on Thursday took up for discussion the amendments to the Finance Bill recommended by the Rajya Sabha.

Congress leader Deepender Singh Hooda, initiating the debate, said: "The rights of the Rajya Sabha were attacked. Now the Rajya Sabha has amended the Finance Bill and it is for the first time as far as I can remember." 

Commenting on the government's move to take up certain bills as Money Bills, the Congress MP said: "Whether it is a Money Bill or not is a question, but another question is whether it is a good practice or not."

Hooda also raised the issue of the government's amendment to the Finance Bill that gives Income Tax officers right to search a premise without citing a reason.

On the electoral funding reforms brought by the government, Hooda said electoral bonds will only increase opacity in funding.

He also said reducing limit for anonymous donation to Rs.2,000 will not make much difference, and only increase the work for chartered accountants.