Urging Rahul Gandhi to take up the issue of the sealing drive in the Parliament, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal wrote a letter to the Congress President seeking an audience with him.

In his letter dated 9 March, the Delhi CM highlighted the problems faced by shopkeepers due to the sealing drive.

“Shops of small traders are being shut down leading to unemployment,” he wrote.

“It is my request that you raise this issue vociferously in the Parliament and force the Centre to pass a bill in this regard,” wrote Kejriwal adding that parties should rise above politics on this issue.

“I wish to meet you to discuss this matter. I hope you will grant an audience soon,” he wrote.

The letter to Rahul Gandhi was issued on the same day Kejriwal sought to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the sealing drive.


Kejriwal Letter to Rahul
(Photo: Twitter/@AamAadmiParty)

In his letter to the PM, Kejriwal blamed the Centre for failing to rectify the flaws in the law which, he wrote, are the reason behind the sealing.

“The reason behind the sealing is that there are some flaws in the law. Rectifying these flaws is the responsibility of the Centre. Since the Centre didn’t rectify the flaws on time, the traders are paying the price,” he wrote along with a request to meet and apprise the PM of the situation.

The Delhi CM demanded that the government immediately stops the sealing drive and reopen all the shops closed during the drive.

On Friday, Kejriwal also threatened to go on a hunger strike if the sealing drive issue is not resolved by the end of March.