A day after a video of a police officer saving a Muslim youth from an irate mob in Uttarakhand appeared on the social media, another incident of assault against a 22-year-old Muslim youth has been reported from Kanpur on Saturday.

The incident occurred at Shivrajpur railway station in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, when a group of men, allegedly belonging to a right-wing organisation, accosted a Muslim boy for befriending a girl belonging to Hindu community.

A video of the incident in which the youth is seen being slapped repeatedly and voices are heard of inquiries about his relationship with the girl has gone viral on social media, following which the police has identified the victim and is questioning him.

According to police, no compliant has been filed so far by the youth about the incident.

Superintendent of Police (Rural) Pradyumna Singh said the youth had gone to Shivrajpur railway station to meet his friend, belonging to another community, when about half a dozen youngsters living in the same locality questioned him about his relationship.

In the video, suspected to be made by the attackers, the youth is being slapped and coaxed to come out with details, the SP said, adding that one of the attackers is also heard warning him that he “will have to pay for what he did”.

“Tumhari zindagi agar barbaad nahin kar dee to ham apna naam badal denge (we will change our names if we failed to destroy you),” one the attackers is heard saying in the video.

Police said they took note of the video and have approached the victim.

A similar incident of a youth targeted in Uttarakhand was reported on Friday. A video made rounds on the social media whrein a Sikh policeman is seen saving the youth from the mob near Ramnagar in Uttarakhand.

The incident was reported from Girija temple, a famous shrine situated around 14-15 km from Ramnagar. In the video, which was shot on Tuesday, officer Gagandeep Singh can be seen shielding the youth from a group of men, who alleged that the youth was found with a Hindu girl near the temple.

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