Emphasising that it was this generation’s historical responsibility to make the United Nations strong for the next generation, India on Monday reaffirmed its commitment to sharing its experience in UN peacekeeping activities with all those who wish to contribute to this cause.

In her keynote address at the second UN Peacekeeping Course for African Partners (UNPCAP), Ruchi Ghanashyam, Secretary (West) in the External Affairs Ministry, recalled that this was a promise Prime Minister Narendra Modi had personally made to African leaders at the third India-Africa Forum held in October 2015. The UNPCAP is a trilateral cooperation programme between India, the US and African countries.

Elaborating on the activities of UN peacekeeping forces, she cautioned that deploying peacekeeping operations with a "robust mandate" but without the required diplomatic preparation on ground could turn out to be a recipe for failure. This could undermine the credibility of UN peacekeeping activities over a long term. She also stressed on a synergy between the Security Council and the countries contributing troops to the UN mission.

A major challenge in the present-day peacekeeping mission was training and success of any operation, which hinged on the quality of personnel who serve under the UN flag, she said.

Ghanasyham also emphasised on sharing India's experience in the peacekeeping operations, as the country has been sending its troops for the UN peacekeeping missions for over 50 years now.