Sajeesh, husband of Lini Puthussery, the nurse who died while treating Nipah virus victims in May, has donated a month’s salary for the victims of Kerala floods.

After Lini’s death, Sajeesh was given a job by the CPI(M)-led Kerala government and he has handed over his first salary from the new job to Kerala Labour and Excise Minister TP Ramakrishnan during an event held at Vadakara Perambra in Kozhikode district on Wednesday.

Sajeesh was appointed as a clerk in the state health department.

At least 79 people have died so far and several thousands have been rendered homeless with heavy rains battering Kerala since August 8.

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Lini, 28, who used to work at Perambra thaluk hospital, contracted the deadly Nipah virus while treating a patient who was already suffering from it. She died on May 21.

At the time when she was battling for her life, she wrote an emotional letter to her husband. “I am almost on the way. I do not think I can meet you. You should look after our children well,” she wrote.

Nipah had claimed 17 lives in Kerala.

The World Health Organization had paid glowing tributes to Lini.

In a tweet, WHO’S Health Workforce Director Jim Campbell had said, “Remember them, lest we forget: Razan al-Najjar (Gaza); Lini Puthussery (India); Salome Karwah (Liberia). #WomeninGlobalHealth, #NotATarget.”