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Hindu Sena organises ‘Vishwa Shanti Yagya’ on Donald Trump’s visit

The yagya was organised at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar by the Hindu Sena.

SNS | New Delhi |

A “Vishwa Shanti Yagya” was organised by the Hindu Sena on Monday praying for the strengthening of the India-US relationship after US President Donald Trump visited India.

Vishnu Gupta, chief of Hindu Sena said, “we sought blessings from our Hindu Gods for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump to join forces and fight alongside each other to free the world from radical Islamic terrorism, which is the biggest threat to mankind and wipe off these enemies of humanity from the face of the earth.”

“We pray that all pending deals between India and the US are fulfilled with mutual understanding and respect and benefit both countries,” he said.

The yagya was organised at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar by the Hindu Sena.

Hindu Sena chief had earlier also tried to catch attention by showing himself as a Trump fan. For Trump’s birthday, Gupta had organised birthday celebrations where a cake weighing 7 kgs was cut and fed to a large poster of US president.

Right after the announcement of Trump’s India visit, Hindu Sena had released a video message where it called him the ‘saviour of humanity’.

Hindu Sena has been in news for raising objections on different practices which it termed anti-Hindu like beef being served in Delhi’s Kerala House canteen and celebration of Valentine’s Day.

As per the reports, it had warned youngsters against displaying affection on February 14. It had also written in this regard to the Delhi Police.