In the alleged forced conversion case, the Supreme Court (SC)bench-led by Chief Justice of India (CJI) Dipak Misra directed that Hadiya should be taken to her college in Tamil Nadu for resumption of her studies and should be provided a hostel facility.

The SC bench also appointed dean of Salem-based homoeopathic college as Hadiya’s guardian. Next date of hearing fixed for the third week of January.

During the hearing, when asked by CJI Dipak Misra that does she want to continue her studies on state’s expense, Hadiya responded that “I want to but not on state’s expense. My husband can take care of me”.

Earlier in the Supreme Court, Hadiya had told the bench that she wants her freedom. She had further claimed that she had been “unlawful custody for the last 11 months.”

Hadiya also told the the court that she wanted her husband to be her guardian, and wanted to go back to her studies and be a good doctor.

Counsel for Hadiya’s father told the CJI Dipak Misra-led bench that first the material submitted by NIA should be looked into and then her version should be heard.

Counsel also told the bench that there’s an operational apparatus existing for conversion.

The National Investigating Agency (NIA) had submitted a 100-page probe report to the Supreme Court and included Hadiya’s testimony that she married of her own free will.

Earlier in the day, Kapil Sibal had told the bench that when Hadiya is present in the court room, then the court should listen to her, not the NIA and that she was entitled to make decisions of her life.

Appearing for Hadiya’s husband Shafin Jahan, Kapil Sibal told the Supreme Court that he was really disappointed that instead of asking Hadiya on what she wanted, people are focusing on the venom filled in news channels

Hadiya Shafin, a 25-year-old homoeopathic trainee, who married a Muslim man after converting to Islam, was produced before the apex court in a case of alleged forced conversion.

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The SC is hearing a plea by, Hadiya’s husband, Shafin Jahan challenging the Kerala High Court order of May nullifying his marriage and seeking recall of its order asking the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to investigate the conversion of Hadiya to Islam and her marriage.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and Hadiya’s father KM Ashokan have contended that Hadiya had been indoctrinated by radical groups and her consent was not free.

Her father has reportedly told media that Hadiya “does not have an independent mind” as she has been “mentally kidnapped”.

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