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Gau Dhaba: For love of the cow

An individual with a mission starts a one of a kind eatery promoting pure cow milk products.

Swati Sharma | Muzaffarnagar |

His love for the cow and his desire to serve pure, healthy and hygienic food to the people prompted Satish to start ‘Gau Dhaba’, a one of its kind eatery. If you are travelling on the Delhi-Dehradun highway, shortly after you cross Muzaffarnagar a restaurant with cows tied at the boundary will catch your attention. The restaurant is named ‘Gau Dhaba’, showcasing the owners’ love for the cow. Here you will not only be served with pure food but will also get pure cow milk products. The cow products are fetched from the Gaushala (cow shed) where stray cows are looked after with tender loving care.

Satish returned to India in 2010 after spending 18 years in Oman where he worked in the field of marketing. Born to Kamla and Jaipal Singh, a government employee, settling down abroad with a good job was quite satisfying for Satish. But the patriot in him pushed Satish to return to his country. He bought a hotel in Manali and settled down there with his wife Sonia and two daughters. In 2013 he returned to his hometown Meerut because of his elder daughter’s health issues and it was then that he decided to serve society. “My wife got associated with an organisation ‘Shree Param Dham’ through her mother and gradually I was also impressed and decide to contribute in my own way to society,” said Satish. Among the objectives of the Daurala based organisation is to fight against caste and communal divide as well as protection of cow.

“Inspired by the founder of the organisation, Shri Chandra Mohan, I decided to serve society by providing people with pure food which is also good for health and also to make people aware of the benefits of cow milk,” Satish said, adding that in 2016 he started Gau Dhaba in partnership with Amit Singh.

Satish still has the Manali hotel and could have easily started a big venture here as well but he has given himself completely to the service of mankind and to preserving cows. “Besides meeting the expenses the chunk of the income of this Dhaba goes to the Gaushala in Daurala where presently there are 450 cows and all were either deserted by their owners or are strays,” he said. All these desi cows’ milk is rated as ‘ Amrit’ in our Hindu culture and scripts, he added. “For me cows are one of the most prized gifts of God to human beings. The milk of desi cows is considered best and is given to infants besides mother’s milk,” he said, highlighting the benefits of cow milk.

The restaurant now recieves about 800 to 1000 guests daily and is open 24×7. To fullfill their demand for milk and buttermilk they have also formed a group of local cow owners who supply them and are given a good price in exchange. Satish’s partner Amit Singh has channelised these cow owners and ensures prompt supply.

“They are now happy to supply their milk to us,” said Amit, adding that besides serving pure vegetarian food to the people they also provide pure cow ghee and other products like sweets. A child of less than five is served milk free. The concept is that we want more and more children to start having cow milk which is very good for the development of their body specially brain,” Satish said. The popularity of the Dhaba has grown widely in the past two-and-a-half years. ” People from Mumbai, Gujarat and some other parts of the country have approached us for the franchise but our aim is service and not minting money,” said Satish . However with the growing demand in the area they are considering starting another dhaba in the area.