Functioning of Himachal’s double-engine government satisfactory: PM

The double-engine government is committed to improving railway connectivity across Himachal Pradesh, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing a public rally at Indira Gandhi Stadium, Una.

Functioning of Himachal’s double-engine government satisfactory: PM

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Expressing satisfaction over the functioning of the double engine government for ushering in development in Himachal Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday laid the foundation stone of the Bulk Drug Park at Una.

He also inaugurated the Rs 128 crore campus of Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) at Saloh, Haroli in Una district. Earlier, Prime Minister Modi flagged off the inaugural run of the new Vande Bharat Express train from Amb Andaura -Una to New Delhi, from Una railway station.

“Himachal had to wait for the double engine government to get IIT, IIIT, IIM, and AIIMS. Education sector related initiatives in Himachal Pradesh will immensely benefit the students. They will get more relief from the permanent building of IIIT in Una,” said PM Modi while addressing a public rally at Indira Gandhi Stadium at Una.


He said: “Today work is beginning on the second bulk drug park of the country to be set up in Haroli constituency of Una district. Various projects have been inaugurated or their foundation stones have been laid in Himachal Pradesh today. These will greatly benefit the people.”

Pointing out that Himachal Pradesh has been chosen as one of the states to get a bulk drug park, Prime Minister Modi said, “Being chosen as one of the only three states for a bulk drug park is a momentous decision for the state and is a result of our affection and dedication for the state.”

Similarly, the decision to bring Vande Bharat to Himachal Pradesh also shows the priority that the government accords to the state, said Prime Minister Modi.

“The double-engine government is committed to improving railway connectivity across Himachal Pradesh. Today, when the country is connected with ‘Made in India’ Vande Bharat trains, Himachal is becoming one of the leading states in the country,” he said.

He expressed satisfaction with how the double engine government at the Centre and the state is working for the progress of the people and lauded the new working style of delivering on promises and delivering before time.

Earlier, the governments in the state and at the Centre paid no attention to the needs and aspirations of the citizens of Himachal Pradesh, he remarked.

He further said that time has changed for the better now and the present government is not only working to fulfil the needs of the people but is also aiming to realise their hopes and aspirations with utmost dedication and force.

“We are not only filling the gap of development left by the previous governments but are also building strong pillars of foundation for the state,” he added.

“New India is overcoming challenges of the past and growing rapidly. Amenities that should have reached the people in the last century are being made available now. We will connect Himachal Pradesh with the modern facilities of the 21st century,” he added.

Pointing out the need for skill and innovation institutions across the country, Prime Minister Modi said that it is our biggest priority today to hone the skills and potential of the youth.

He said that the contribution of the youth of Himachal by serving in the army and creating new dimensions in the security of the country is well-known.

“Now different types of skills will enable them to get higher positions in the army as well,” he added.