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Former Congress leader Sunil Jakhar joins BJP, says grand old party tried to suppress his nationalist voice

BJP’s national president JP Nadda inducted Sunil Jakhar into the party at the national headquarters in the national capital today.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |

Former president of the Punjab Congress Sunil Jakhar after joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today hit out at the grand old party saying that he has broken the 50-year-old association with the grand old party over issues of nationalism, unity, and brotherhood in the state. Jakhar further attacked his former party saying that an attempt was being made to suppress his nationalist voice.

BJP’s national president JP Nadda inducted Sunil Jakhar into the party at the national headquarters in the national capital today.

Talking to the media persons after joining the BJP, Jakhar said “It was not easy to break 50 years of relationship with the Congress, from 1972 to 2022, my three generations worked considering the Congress as their family,” he said.
“Today, I have broken the 50-year-old tie with Congress over issues of nationalism, unity, and brotherhood in Punjab,” Jakhar added.

He elaborated by saying that despite standing with the party in bad times his voice was muzzled. “An attempt was made to suppress my nationalist voice in the Congress. I was given the notice for speaking in the interest of Punjab and the country,” he said.

Jakhar said fingers were being pointed at him because he talked about not dividing Punjab through caste and religion. Taking a jibe at the Congress high command, Jakhar said he did not leave the Congress because of any individual or any personal grudge. He said his voice cannot be suppressed or mortgaged.

Referring to his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the past, Jakhar said although it is not constitutionally possible, he has given special status to Punjab in practical terms. Thanking the BJP high command for the open-hearted welcome, Jakhar said he never
used politics for his personal gains. “I have always worked not to break but to unite and even after joining the BJP, I will always work for the betterment and unity of Punjab,” he added.

Welcoming Jakhar into the BJP, Nadda said, “I welcome Sunil Jakhar to Bharatiya Janata Party. He is an experienced political leader who made a name for himself during his political career. I am confident he will play a big role in strengthening the party in Punjab.”

Nadda said due to Punjab being a border state and the attitude of Pakistan, it is necessary to strengthen the nationalist forces in Punjab.

Describing Jakhar as a nationalist leader with an honest image, Nadda said Jakhar will take Punjab to a new level with us. “Taking advantage of his experience, BJP will work to strengthen the party and Punjab,” he added. Jakhar, who was stripped from all party posts, quit Congress on May 14 at a Facebook Live.

On April 11, Congress leaders KV Thomas and Sunil Jakhar were issued show-cause notices for breaching party discipline. “I don’t hold any post (in the party); I have an ideology. I want to ask Sonia Gandhi that being Congress president, doesn’t she know that I hold no position in the party? Then why is a show-cause notice being given to me?” he had asked the Congress president.