ECA collaborates with The Statesman for creating awareness about Study destinations abroad

ECA collaborates with The Statesman for creating awareness about Study destinations abroad (photo:SNS)

ECA Group, a renowned global education organisation, hosted a momentous event, ‘ECA Meet and Greet 2023” in Chandigarh and at Kathmandu recently.

The event which had The Statesman newspaper as its partner, gathered influential student recruitment agents while aiming to provide them with comprehensive insights into a wide range of study destinations available to students, focusing on financial aspects, career prospects, and overall outcomes. The event, attended by esteemed representatives from various educational institutions and agencies, offered a unique platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

ECA Group, known for its expertise in international education, showcased its commitment to empowering agents by equipping them with in-depth information and guidance to assist aspiring students in making informed decisions about their study abroad plans.


During the event, ECA Group’s experts presented a comprehensive overview of diverse study destinations, shedding light on financial considerations, scholarship opportunities, and the potential career outcomes associated with each choice. The interactive sessions facilitated fruitful discussions and provided attendees with valuable insights into the evolving landscape of global education. Speaking about the event, Rajesh Singh, CEO of ECA Global, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to bring together key student recruitment agents from India and share our knowledge about various study destinations. Our aim was to empower these agents with the necessary tools and information to guide students effectively in their educational pursuits abroad.”

Senior executive editor of The Statesman, Aditya Kant lauded the efforts made by ECA. He also said that the newspaper is ever-ready to collaborate with ECA as a media partner and help them in their endeavours. He said that “The Statesman’s legacy lies in the fact that this 175-year-old newspaper was considered as Bible by the students. And now, keeping pace with the present times it is providing them the best of digital news.”

ECA Group’s commitment to promoting educational excellence and supporting student aspirations is reflected in the success of this event. By fostering a collaborative environment and sharing valuable insights, ECA Group strives to enhance the overall experience and outcomes for students embarking on international education journeys.