A complaint was lodged against the rebel AAP MLA who later joined BJP Kapil Mishra, for controversial tweet targeting the Muslim community on Monday.

Yesterday, Kapil Mishra took twitter to mock the Muslim community by posting a picture of an elderly Muslim man wearing a skull cap and several children with women along burqa waiting in a queue.

The photo was taken down by Twitter as it was violating its guidelines.

In a tweet in Hindi, Mishra said, “Pollution kum karna hai to… yeh wale patakhe kum karo, Dilwali ke patakhe nahin (‘If one wants to reduce pollution, these crackers must be reduced not the Diwali crackers.”

He tagged the photo of a Muslim family in his tweet.

Kapil Mishra
Controversial tweet by Kapil Mishra which was later deleted.


After the controversy triggered, he responded with a tweet saying, “There is no mention of Hindu or Muslim in my tweet. If the picture would have been of a Hindu family, would they have reacted in the same manner.”

Mahmood Ahmed, a resident of Joga Bai Extension filed the complaint against BJP leader at the Jamia Nagar Police Station requesting to register an FIR under relvant sections of Information Technology Act and the Indian penal Code. Mahmood alleged that Mishra’s tweet allegedly sought to create enmity, hatered and communal violence.

“This is to bring to your notice that Mr Kapil Mishra, a Bharatiya Janata Party leader from Delhi, has on 28 October 2019 made inflammatory comments targeting the Muslim community through his Twitter handle: @KapilMishra_IND,” the complaint read.

“This content is inflammatory, unacceptable and seeks to create enmity, hatred and communal violence. It is demeaning, degrading and obscene, will corrupt minds and seriously affect religious sentiments. It may lead to illogical and dangerous consequences,” it said.

BJP leader’s tweet came after the news of air pollution in the city came, terming the level of air pollution as ‘severe’.

However, the BJP leader later deleted his tweet after drawing flak on the social media.