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CCTV footage shows Aaftab carrying a bag, parcel in wee hours

A team of the Delhi Police probing the Shraddha murder case has reached Mumbai for further investigation into the matter.

Statesman News Service | New Delhi |


As the investigation into the murder of Shraddha case is progressing, different theories are cropping up. Now, CCTV footage of the accused, Aaftab Amin Poonawala, has surfaced in which he is seen going somewhere with a bag hanging to his shoulder. He is also seen carrying a parcel in his hand in the video clip.

After the one minute video footage surfaced, the police team is now trying to find out what was there in the bag and in the parcel, which Aaftab was carrying.

According to a source, the video is of October 18th, at around 4 in the morning. Aaftab is seen coming somewhere towards his rented house in white T-shirt. He has a black coloured bag on his shoulder and a blue coloured parcel in his hand.

Apprehension has been raised that at that time the accused would be going to hide the pieces of Shraddha’s body. On the other hand, the team of Delhi Police probing the Shraddha murder case has reached Mumbai for further investigation into the matter.

According to the source, the Delhi Police is interrogating Shraddha’s friends at the Mumbai Crime Branch office. Police are questioning Shraddha’s friend Rahul Roy and others who brought Shraddha’s picture having injury marks on her face in front of the police.

Another team of Delhi Police reached Gurugram again on Saturday for further investigation. Police conducted a search operation again, where a search operation was conducted on Friday. Police along with metal detector and dog squad held a long search operation at Gurugram.

Police are still searching for the deceased head, mobile, her clothes and the weapon used to dismember the dead body.

A police source claimed that a weapon like a sharp cutting object has been recovered from the accused house. Police are making an inquiry to ascertain the fact, whether the object was used in dismembering the dead body. The seized object has been sent for forensic analysis.

Aaftab searched on the internet about ways to dispose of dead bodies. He came to know, while going through the internet that while cutting a dead body, a fountain of blood comes out, which can fall up to a few feet from the body. So, as to minimize this possibility, he made special arrangements during dismembering the body. Apart from this, he removed all the blood stains with a special kind of acid.

The forensic team claims that the bloodstains on the clothes worn by Aaftab during the crime would have blood remains. Police are trying to recover his clothes, but even after about one week, police haven’t got any clue about his clothes.

However, the police have recovered all the clothes from Aaftab’s house to scan them for any evidence. A police team has also prepared a list of over fifty questions, whose answers are compulsory to prove Aaftab guilty in the court. Police is making an inquiry to get the answers to all these questions.

A police official said that even if the accused is in the custody of the police, the non-recovery of the weapon used in crime, the missing body parts and deceased mobile phone is a matter to worry for the investigating team.

It is also a question whether the bones recovered so far from the forest belong to Shraddha or not. The DNA test report will answer it. Proving the accused guilty in the court will be no less than a big challenge. The police are hopeful about getting some concrete evidence in the narco-test, which is likely to happen soon.