In an apparent jibe at former separatist Sajjad Lone following the defeat of BJP in the Assembly elections in three Hindi heartland states, the National Conference (NC) on Wednesday said those banking on BJP for their political sustenance in Kashmir and acting as their Trojan horse won’t be able to see their dreams materialise.

Reacting to BJP’s poor performance in the recently concluded polls, NC spokesman Imran Nabi Dar asserted that the defeat of BJP reflects the triumph of truth over falsehood and the revulsion of people for divisive and communal politics.

These election results reveal that people are the real source of power and they cannot be taken for granted. The results should act as an eye-opener to those political parties who continue to play politics of polarisation. The results are reflective of the fact how people have disapproved of BJP’s divisive agenda aimed at sowing seeds of communal discord.

Imran said, “Unqualified, naïve and haughty attitude of the BJP leadership and government towards farmer distress and the apathetic condition of small business holders is responsible for their failure in the elections that many say were the semi-finals of the forthcoming national elections.”

Imran said that the poll debacle of BJP in the Hindi belt is a pointer of the change that people are yearning for. “The results show that people aren’t swayed by fanfare, slogan mongering, and catachresis,” he said.

He further said that people are now aware of BJP’s poor performance on the economic front and mishandling of foreign affairs coupled with its historic mismanagement while dealing with Jammu & Kashmir.