The Bharatiya Janata Party while welcoming the decision of Governor Satyapal Malik to dissolve the state Legislative Assembly , said that circumstances leading to the decision left little choice with the Governor of the state than to dissolve the Assembly to uphold spirit of democracy and to stop intrusion of “immorality and opportunism” in state politics.

Chief Spokesperson of state BJP, Sunil Sethi claimed that there was broader consensus in majority of PDP MLAs constituting the so-called rebel group to form government in the state with BJP and Peoples Conference as there was no other viable political scenario which could claim to represent political aspirations of people of all three regions.

In fact the whole drama unfolded with statement of senior leader and one of the founders of PDP Muzaffar Hussain Beig who welcomed formation of such government with Sajjad Lone as leader. This would have been in conformity with the ideology of forming PDP as political viable alternative to National Conference, Sethi said.

Sethi said, what happened subsequently was to stop formation of viable political government in Jammu and Kashmir and in the process PDP was ready and willing to join hands with National Conference “ignoring and insulting” the life time effort of its founder Mufti Sayeed who would have never joined hands with “political blackmailer” National Conference whom Late Mufti recognised as the worst enemy of people of Kashmir and democracy, Sethi claimed.

The events clearly show that there was no political comparability and stability on so-called alliance of PDP-NC-Congress and it would have led the state to disaster and further alienation of people of three regions.

PDP was counting same MLAs on their side which had decided to be part of alliance under Sajjad Lone. This would have led to horse trading and unprincipled politics and even otherwise such government would have been unstable, even if formed because of NC and PDP pulling each other being natural political foes in the same constituency.

People of Kashmir have now got huge opportunity to throw away “opportunistic” PDP and NC as also Congress as it is now very clear that none of three parties has any semblance of moral politics and they are one inside who are interested in power only. Had they formed government, it would have led to support and revival of separatism and militancy in the valley and negation of mandate. It’s for people of state particularly Kashmir region to throw away these “political black mailers” in next elections. Time is ripe now for emergence of new political dispensation in Kashmir which can listen to and work for people, Sethi added.