Governor Satya Pal Malik on Sunday triggered a serious row by asking terrorists in Kashmir that why they don’t kill corrupt politicians instead of security forces and innocent people.

Annoyed with Malik’s statement, former chief minister and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah hit back by saying perhaps the man (Malik) should find out about his own reputation in Delhi.

Omar tweeted; “This man, ostensibly a responsible man occupying a constitutional position, tells militants to kill politicians perceived to be corrupt. Perhaps the man should find out about his own reputation in Delhi these days before sanctioning unlawful killings & kangaroo courts”.

The Governor said, “These terrorists carrying guns are killing PSOs and SPOs, why are you killing them? You should kill those who have looted Kashmir, have you killed anyone from among them?” He warned that nobody can bend the government with guns.

Inaugurating the Kargil Ladakh Tourism Festival 2019 at Khree Sultan Choo stadium in Kargil, he said: “Why are you (terrorists) killing innocents including SPOs and PSOs. What will you gain by this?

“If you have to kill why don’t you kill the corrupt who have looted the country and Kashmir for so long.”

Malik said those carrying the gun do not have the power to erode the authority of the Indian government. “Yours is a futile struggle. You are losing your lives for nothing”.

The Governor said that estimates are that at present there are 250 terrorists, including 125 foreign, active in Kashmir. During encounters, the foreign terrorist takes two days to get killed and the local gets eliminated in two hours.

Later, 16 delegations of various religious and social organisations met the Governor and apprised him of the problems of their areas.