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Amit Shah hits back at Rahul Gandhi

SNS | New Delhi |

BJP national president Amit Shah hit out at Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for his remark that BJP’s “irrational insistence” on forming the government was a “mockery of Indian Constitution”.

Attacking the Congress chief, Amit Shah reminded him of “horrific Emergency, blatant misuse of Article 356, subverting the courts, media and civil society”.

In a series of tweets, Amit Shah also said the murder of democracy happened when desperate Congress made an “opportunist” offer to the JD(S).

“The ‘Murder of Democracy’ happens the minute a desperate Congress made an ‘opportunist’ offer to the JD(S), not for Karnataka’s welfare but for their petty political gains. Shameful!,” tweeted Amit Shah.

“President of the Congress obviously doesn’t remember the glorious history of his party.

The legacy of Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s Party is the horrific Emergency, blatant misuse of Article 356, subverting the courts, media and civil society,” he added.

In the wake of the BJP forming a government in Karnataka even after falling short of eight seats, the Congress president   had said the country would mourn the “defeat of democracy”.

The Congress leader took to Twitter and wrote, “The BJP’s irrational insistence that it will form a Govt. in Karnataka, even though it clearly doesn’t have the numbers, is to make a mockery of our Constitution.

This morning, while the BJP celebrates its hollow victory, India will mourn the defeat of democracy.”

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The drama following the Karnataka Assembly Election result still rages on with all three key players – BJP, Congress and JD(S) – slinging mud at each other.

Congress and JD(S) stitched a post poll alliance and went past the mark of 112, while BJP fell short of eight MLAs to gain majority in the state.

Being the single largest party with 104 seats, the BJP was invited by the Governor to form the government. BJP legislative party leader BS Yeddyurappa took oath as the chief minister of Karnataka today at the Raj Bhavan in Bengaluru.