Gone are the days when mobile phones were communication tools, limited to official work. Particularly since the smartphone came into being, they have become part and parcel of one’s life.

It has supplemented everything, be it laptops, watches, video games, television and several other functions. From a tiny task to the most complicated, these smartphones have vital roles to play.

Now people don’t use calculators or watches. For entertainment or news people are not dependent on television because the smartphone, with Internet connection, provides them all options. Now one doesn’t go to the library as one can access hordes of information through these smartphones, irrespective of the subject, all with a single click.

People from all walks of life are heavily dependent on these devices for anything or everything. Despite warnings of their adverse health impacts, use of mobile phones is rising by the day as they have found several functions.

A colleague recalled how even temple priests have become techsavvy. Usually, the image of a priest is that of an old, saffron-clad holy man with several cloth bags holding various ingredients and prayer books for the puja, hanging from his shoulders. But this young priest, our colleague narrated, was totally different.

Slim and young, he began the traditional Diwali puja by reciting some Sanskrit shlokas. Soon it was time for the concluding aarti. That’s when the smart priest, instead of taking out a prayer booklet from his bag, brought out his mobile and started rendering the song from it. Perhaps he had uploaded everything on his mobile.

It would certainly be an advantage as he would have lesser load to lug. Moreover, there would be no tension of missing anything.